Arizona Herps

Arizona is a wonderful place filled with vibrant life, a rich culture, beautiful scenary, a unique history, and, of course... lots of cool critters. AZ Herps is dedicated to the many critters of Arizona, but in particular, our reptiles and amphibians.

Below you'll find resources in Arizona dedicated to these beautiful creatures. There are Arizona-based non-profit organizations, educational resources, businesses and individuals who specialize in the education, care, sale, and protection of reptiles and amphibians in Arizona.

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This site is supported by Arizona Reptile, a Mesa AZ based provider of quality, captive-bred reptiles.

Upcoming Events

Oct 7-8, 2017:
Tucson Reptile Show
Nov 18-19, 2017:
Phoenix Reptile Expo
Dec 9-10, 2017:
Repticon Phoenix
Jun 23-24, 2018:
Repticon Tucson